Eddie on the issues.

Preparing our children for the future.

Investment in our children is the key to North Carolina’s future. That’s why I plan to support robust funding for public K-12 and our community college system as well as increased access to apprenticeships, technical training, and public service programs that will help make sure that our youth are ready to enter the 21st century workforce.

Creating more resilient communities.

North Carolinians know that we’ve always been stronger when we lean on our neighbors for support. In order to create resilient communities, we need to promote local agriculture to ensure stable access to great, healthy food. We also need to increase support for social workers and mental health professionals who often act as first responders in emergencies.

Smart stewardship for our natural environment.

Our natural environment is one of our most precious resources, and if we don’t manage it responsibly, our children will lose out on its benefits. In Raleigh, I’ll champion policies and programs that balance the needs of industry with smart environmental stewardship so that we can protect our lands for hunting, fishing, camping, and hiking for years to come.

Speaking out and giving voice to the voiceless.

Being a community leader means standing up, speaking out, and acting against racism and bigotry of all kinds. As your representative, I will stand up for the rights of all residents, regardless of race, religion, birthplace, sexual orientation, gender identity. Our community is strongest and most resilient when we all stand together.

Supporting our neighbors so they can succeed.

When our neighbors need a leg up, it’s our duty to give them a helping hand, and that includes making sure our government is doing what it can. In Raleigh, I’ll fight to defend access to basic medical care for all, including mental health services. I’ll also fight for an increased minimum wage accompanied by robust training programs for displaced workers through the community college¬†system.¬†

Ensuring robust support for our veterans.

As a veteran, I know firsthand the challenges that our service members face after reentering civilian life. North Carolina is the most military-friendly state in the union, and we need to back that up with a commitment to address veterans’ unemployment, underemployment, homelessness, mental health conditions, and substance abuse issues.

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